There is some specific things that Iraqis cannot eat or drink. For example the consumption of alcohol is not allowed for the Islamic religion but you can get some kind of permit to do so.Drinking is not permitted in public. Some of the things they eat are Tikka which is small chunks of mutton grilled on a charcoal fire, and Quozi which is a small lamb boiled whole,grilled and stuffed with rice,with minced meat and spices. Another cuisine is Masgouf, which is fish from the Tigris river. They are not allowed to eat pork (swine) because they believe that it is a filthy animal. But those are just some examples on every day food in the average household. Some of the food that they eat are Iraqi meatball and vegetable casserole,lamb (which is a favorite for them),some appetizers and salads, and Kubbah (minced meat ground with rice and spices). Iraq's traditional diet is rice with soup, and it s also traditional to sacrifice a lamb or a goat for the holidays.Now though, sacrifices are hard to come by and celebrations are minimal. So its important to keep these traditions alive. Also the foods that they eat are important to the region or to there culture because some of them have been influenced by there ancient civilizations.