Common foods eaten in the middle east, include olives, fish, lamb, wheat, rice, chick peas and other foods. Main foods eaten are dairy products that are made into yogurt or cheese. Meat is very common, especially lamb. Kosher beef, kosher poultry, lox, salmon, and sardines are meats that are eaten. Bread and cereal are foods eaten such as forms of wheat or rice eaten at each meal. Also Pita and matzoh (unleaved bread) are common. Another common food eaten in the middle east is fruit which is mainly served for dessert. Also vegetables are common like potatoes and eggplant. Fruits and vegetables are preferred as raw or mixed in a salad.

Alcoholic, Pork, carnivorous animals and birds, any animal that has died do to natural causes, blood is forbidden and drugs. All are considered unsacred because the Qur’an says so.
Foods eaten for festivals are humus,Tahini, falafel,Tabouleh, Pita bread, baklawa, and Baba ghannouj.

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