The middle east is full of exotic culture and a large part of this culture is music. Today i will tell you about the wide variety of music that exist in the middle east today.
The videos above demonstrate how wide the variety of music in the middle east has. The following url has a list of many music artist from the middle east.

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As you can see there are many different artist as well as types of music they make. The next portion of this page will explain the origins of these genres and their previous history.


The music of the middle east can be but into four main categories
  • Classical music
  • Folk music
  • Egyptian classical music
  • Pop music
Because there is no main category, we will not refer to any of these as "Traditional Music". This term can refer to any type of music from classical raj to modern Arabian hip hop. For example you can say that there are many people listening to "traditional Arabic pop" or "traditional Rap".


Muwashaha origins trace back to the early 10th century. It is a historical form of classical Arabian music. The best song to represent this is the well known
"Lamma Bada Yata Thanna" Link:

Typical instruments that would have been used to play this type of music would have been the oud and qanoun.
external image Oud_Gallery.jpgexternal image kn181.jpg

Egyptian Baladi

This term does not mainly refer to music, it refers to "the village my family originally came from" and is used to refer to typical of the traditional rural lifestyle. Baladi music is typically played on acustic instruments, the ney (flute), mizmar (a type of oboe), and the rebaba (guitar like instrument).
external image ney1b.jpgexternal image MD_MIZE.gifexternal image b_rubab.gif
"Tahtil Shibbak" is a popular song in this type of music. LINK:


Saidi (also known as The Said) is a version on baladi that is specific to northern Egypt. Saidi instruments usualy include thr rebaba, mizmar, and frame drums known as tabla baladi.
external image kmp_tabla.jpg
A song largely associated with Saidi is "Dyati Mali" which also means "I have no money" LINK:

20th Century Egyptian Classical Music

This is the style of music is mostly associated with the American term "belly dancing"

song "Enta Omri" LINK:

Pop Music

Much like modern day American pop but in Arabic Language.

Song "Habibi Ya Nour el Ain" LINK:

those were the basic types and genres of Arabic music in the middle east for mor information on Middle Eastern Culture & Music go to: