The music of the Middle East is not so different from music we listen to today. The traditional music however is very different. The main type of music is called religious chanting. This type of music is only performed for religious ceremonies and is very traditional. Another type of traditional music is what they call classical music. This type of performance is using done in the privacy of one's own home. It consist usually of one oud player and one singer. The wives and children may also dance but it is unusual for them to sing or play instruments. Some of the traditional instruments played are ouds (stringed instrument), nay (flute like), qanun (harp), and a bandir (drum). Today, music is very similar to what we listen to, but in a different language. Some popular music is pop, rap, and Indie music. Rock has not been accepted as a quality type of music. Many of these genres and songs are looked down upon by traditional Muslims but are listened to anyway by most younger generations.

oud ney