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10 Most common foods of the Middle East

~Pita Bread
~Baba Ghannouj
~Turkish Coffee
~Foul Mudammes
~Turkish Delight

Celebration cuisines
Some appetizers or mezze include hummus, spinach fatayer, and stuffed grape leaves. Main course meals consist of roast leg of lamb, roast turkey, and baked ham. Side dishes have couscous, green beans with pine nuts, and steamed as paragus with lemon. The desserts are baklava, baked quince, and stuffed dates. These foods make an excellent meal with all stages of the meal included.

Culture of Middle East food
~ The people of the Middle East have very strong ties to their
heritage. The ancient ancestors of Middle Easterners passed
down their ways of eating and their beliefs. The different countries
of the Middle East have different foods that are directly descended
from each countries ancestors. The food that is passed down has
a very radical effect on the culture and lifestyle of the people in the
Middle East. Large family gatherings for meals occur quite frequently.
These meals take very long to create and are cherished by everyone.